Storage solutions

Focus on new ideas.
Not cloud storage.

Stop sacrificing IT efficiency and say hello to Radcomp storage. We deliver block and file storage with mass servers and backup options, and a selection of public object storage approaches that work for you. Take advantage of shared space with Radcomp virtual and bare metal servers around the country, plus unlimited access to our entire portfolio of Radcomp services.

Our broadest storage portfolio, ever

Big storage. Fast storage. Attached storage. Unlimited storage. Choose the model that suits you best.

A leader in the enterprise cloud

We support power players around the world, like SAP, Microsoft, TenCent, AT&T, Workday, and Intel.

Simplified scaling and efficiency

Scale up or down on demand, with little or no service interruption—all easily managed by you or our team.

Massive global footprint

Give your data a shortcut by deploying Bluemix cloud storage in locations around the world.